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All About Slot Machines

One of the simplest games ever invented, credit for the slots goes to one Charles Fey, American inventor and entrepreneur. Not only did Fey design, engineer, and build the first slot game every, he also began a long tradition of 'taking a cut'. The game was designed from the beginning to be a moneymaker, and Fey was quick to offer the machines to local gaming parlors in exchange for a percentage of the profit produced by the slot game.

This proved to be an intelligent move, as the slot machine took off like wildfire, becoming popular almost instantly across the greater United States. And this American game is coming home again with the advent of online slot games. The Internet, an American creation, is the latest breeding grounds for slot machines.

To get started, have a look over the pay out schedule on the front of your favorite slot machine. You'll typically see the denomination of coin the machine takes, along with some indication as to whether it harbors a progressive jackpot or not. You can also see if it multiplies its payback based on the number of coins you use. These are commonly referred to as multiplier slot machines. If you were to hit a $100 pay line and had played just one coin you would be paid $100. If you hit the same pay line while playing two coins you would be paid $200, and for three coins $300.

If the slot machine in the above example paid $200 for two coins, but a disproportionate $500 on three coins, the machine is known as a bonus multiplier. Bonus multiplier slot machines simply add some extra cash on the best payouts if you have played the maximum number of coins. Be careful here, don't let yourself hit a big pay line having only played 1 coin, you might see a few thousand possible dollars disappear before your very eyes. This is a very, very frustrating experience and in it's extreme case, people have been robbed of entire jackpots for failing to play full coins.

Multiple pay line slot machines have the same trick hidden in them. A multiple pay line slots game is one that lets you have three chances at a win on each spin. This is done by turning the lines just above and just below the standard pay line pay lines themselves. The trick is, those lines are not activated unless you play more coins. Typically each coin played activates an extra pay line.

To further the confusion a little more, the ultimate in frustrating slot machines was created: the buy-a-pay. With a buy a pay machine each extra coin you put in activates the possibility of another level of jackpot. For example if you play one coin no jackpots are available, two coins, the second biggest jackpot but not the huge one, and on three coins or full coins only, the largest jackpot becomes available. This means that if you play just one coin and you hit the combination for the jackpot, a jackpot which would pay thousands had you played full coins, you win nothing. No bells or whistles, nothing. Now that's frustrating.


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