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Caribbean Stud Poker

A popular addition that's popping up in most of the casinos around Vegas, Caribbean stud poker offers a variation that's quite a bit removed from traditional poker.

To play Caribbean stud poker for real money, visit one of these casinos:

The Golden Palace : A great Caribbean stud game, and a long history.

The Grand Online Casino : Great customer service, great comps and a great stud game.

The objective:
The object of Caribbean stud poker is to beat the dealer's hand. In Caribbean stud, the dealer's hand must contain at least one Ace and one King in order to qualify and for the game to continue. If the dealer's hand does not contain an Ace or a King, or better, the game ends immediately. If the dealer's hand does qualify, no additional cards are dealt. The hands are compared and the best hand wins. Caribbean stud poker is played with a standard 52-card deck.

The Game
If the dealer's hand contains at least an Ace and a King, then his hand is compared with your hand:
1. You either win or lose both the ante bet and raise bet, depending on the strength of your hand. Your hand must beat the dealer's hand, according to the hierarchy of winning hands, for you to be paid.
2. If your hand beats the dealer's hand, you are paid even money (1 to 1) for your ante bet. For your raise bet, you are paid according to the rank of your hand.
3. If the dealer's hand wins, you lose both your ante bet and call bet.

If the dealer's hand is not qualified:
1. You will win your ante bet. The bet pays even money (1 to 1) unless of course you folded in the betting round.
2. Your raise wager will be returned to you.

In Caribbean stud poker, when the dealer and the player receive Poker hands of equal value (known as a push), both the ante and the raise bet are returned to the player.

The hands in Caribbean Stud Poker are ranked according to traditional poker rankings. From highest to lowest and in descending order, the rank of poker hands are:

Royal Flush
A sequence of five cards of the same suit from the Ten to the Ace.

Straight Flush
A sequence of five cards of the same suit.

Four of a Kind
Four cards of the same value.

Full House
Three cards of the same value, plus two cards of the same value.

Five cards of the same suit in any sequence.

A sequence of five cards, any suit.

Three of a Kind
Three cards of the same value.

Two Pairs
Two groups of two cards of the same value.

One Pair
Two cards of the same value.

Five different cards


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